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Our Services

Our cannabis consulting firm specializes in cultivation optimization for cannabis businesses of all sizes. Providing a range of services, including crop planning, strain selection, cultivation facility design, grow room optimization, nutrient management, pest control, and harvesting techniques. Our goal is to help cultivators increase their yields, improve their crops' quality, and reduce operational costs. We will also offer customized training workshops to educate clients on the latest cultivation techniques and best practices.

overhead cannabis canopy

Strategy & Design

Facility design starts with your crop strategy. The way that you grow dictates how much space you need for clones, mothers, and overall veg space in relation to your flower canopy. The entire facility will be built around the strategy to optimize every aspect focusing on automation and workflow efficiencies. 

Facility Evaluation

We offer facility reports to our clients detailing their cultivation facility's strengths and weaknesses. The report card will evaluate various factors, including automation solutions, workflow inefficiencies, yield optimization, cleanliness, energy efficiency, water usage, and waste management, and provide recommendations for improvement.

The facility reports will help cultivators identify areas where they need to improve. We also leverage cutting-edge software and technology to streamline our evaluation process and provide detailed facility report cards. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to collect and analyze data on various aspects of your facility.

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cannais cola

Plant Consulting

Growing plants require constant oversight to ensure quality, consistent yields. By reviewing all the factors that can influence plant health, we can help dial in your grow. Areas focused on are climate (including climate computer controls), Co2 enrichment, irrigation methods, root health, nutrient deficiencies, plant density/layout, air circulation, and media choices.


Technology and automation are driving forces in the cannabis industry. We have come a long way from the basement grows of previous cultivators. Collective Herb is at the forefront of using technology and automation to increase productivity and improve the overall cost of production, which will affect your bottom line. We partner with several companies that can outfit your facility with automated systems. We can create day-by-day automated schedules that adjust vitals such as nutrient recipes, temperature, humidity, and VPD based on real-time sensor data. This data is collected and graphed so you will always be in the know if any aspect of your operation is off. 

cannais cultivation automation
led veg room

Crop Planning

Cultivation rooms are the heartbeat of the facility. They need to be producing year-round without interruption. Having a well-thought-out crop plan that considers your facility’s strengths and weaknesses will secure the highest production level.

Labor Managment

Review and evaluate workflow to optimize efficiencies by changing routing to reduce bottlenecks and labor hours. Evaluate how people work and suggest adjustments to help economize employee actions. 

transplanting cannabis plants
cannabis colas

Yield Budgeting

Investors want to know what what to expect when financing a project. Predictable and repeatable yields are important for projecting where the business is going and how to get there. Collective Herb can create an overview that shows the yield potential of your facility.

Work Planning

Labor management excels with proper work planning. We help you create weekly work plans to insure timely completion. Collective Herb can assist you with facility specific weekly labor calculations to keep your business on track while keeping your employees honest through establishing norm times.

cannabis cultivation buildout
cannabis veg plants

SOP Writing

We can help you write standard operating procedures geared around your facility and crop strategy. By creating company-specific SOP’s you will be able to standardize and secure repeatable outcomes. This also helps new hires to be on a quicker path to success within your company.

Facility Design

Whether you are building a new facility from scratch or scaling your current operation, Collective Herb can help optimize your facility to maximize yields. We will determine the best design for your facility to increase operations and  get superior results. 

bench build out
drip lines


Collective Herb has the ability to procure the best products at the best prices. Whether you are constructing a new facility or expanding your existing operation, we have established connections that can provide you with the equipment and supplies you need to succeed at a reasonable cost.

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